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Identifying Easements Before You Start Construction

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Construction Law | 0 comments

Anytime you want to expand or build on your property, there are stacks of laws to work through and permits to file. Understanding your options and hurdles before you begin construction, regardless of the size of your operation, may help avoid unexpected problems mid-project.

When you begin to work on what is yours, it is important to understand how other people have access through your property.

Easements That Exist Prior

An easement is an access to your property that another party possesses. Pursuant to Florida statutes, easements may include utilities like water, electricity, or telephone services that run over, under, or through your property. You may find these easements already in place upon purchasing your property or you may need these installed as a result of development.

Easements That Come Into Existence

Should you purchase property that hems in another’s property, that land owner has certain vested rights to the nearest public road and may use and maintain an easement through your property to access the plot.

Strange Easements to Consider

Easements come in all shapes and forms, even in the form of sunlight. If your construction impacts predefined angles of sunlight that provide power to a solar system, you may need to compensate the owner of that system for the lost energy savings.

While easements may pose a unique challenge to your construction objectives, they represent valuable protections if you need them yourself. When investigating your next projects, it is important to gather as much information as you can now to avoid costly mistakes later.

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