Photo of attorneys Matthew R McConnell, Odelsa “Ody” Dickman and Andrew WJ Dickman

Let Our Family Help Yours

Photo of attorneys Matthew R McConnell, Andrew WJ Dickman and Odelsa “Ody” Dickman

Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours


Let Our Family Help Yours

Helping Resolve Questions Regarding Land Use Or Zoning Matters


Counties and municipalities have detailed regulations they put in place to help protect their communities, and at the same time required to comply with state and federal laws. Understanding the application of these regulations and laws is crucial to those who are considering purchasing land, to potentially start a new business, or challenge a governmental decision. Experienced legal guidance is necessary in order to determine the proper steps to take when faced with a land use or zoning concern.

From our offices in Naples, the attorneys at the Dickman Law Firm assist business owners and developers as well as municipalities with matters associated with land use, zoning law, environmental and general governance. Our lawyers have more than four decades of hands-on experience with regulations in counties and municipalities throughout Florida. We offer detailed advice regarding the options available in your specific situation.

Practical Advice For Your Situation

Because we have practical experience on all sides of land use and zoning matters, we know what must be done in order to help you achieve your specific goals. We can sit down and discuss your case with you, and will be able to present you with a very detailed approach that demonstrates how our attorneys can help you get results.

Some of the legal problems we assist our clients within this area include:

  • Determining the particular zoning regulations that apply to a specific property.
  • Doing due diligence to determine any issues that may be present concerning a property or zoning matter.
  • Working with developers to obtain variances for new projects.
  • Helping concerned individuals present objections to requests for variances and other detrimental government decisions.

Our firm believes open government is good government, so our goal is to promote prompt and efficient resolution of concerns to prevent a more complex dispute from arising. We want to keep things moving forward outside of litigation. If a trial is necessary, we will aggressively pursue the results you need to accomplish your objectives. And if an appeal is required, we are more than capable of handling that process as well.

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If you need to know more about legal concerns associated with land use, zoning or general local government law, our attorneys are here to help. You can contact our law firm by calling us at +1-239-330-6735 or by sending us an email to arrange your free consultation. Hablamos español.