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Photo Of Professionals at Dickman Law Firm

Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours

Photo Of Professionals at Dickman Law Firm

Let Our Family Help Yours

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Experienced Lawyers Handling Appeals


Most parties with complex legal issues make several attempts to find common ground. They may try to negotiate with the other parties, or resort to mediation when things reach an impasse. If these dispute resolution methods fail to yield positive results, it is likely that will be the only viable option to solve the case.

When your case is headed for trial, you need a law firm with a record of success inside the courtroom. The attorneys of the Dickman Law Firm collectively have more than four decades of trial and appellate experience. Our skilled team will build an aggressive strategy that advances your goals throughout your case.

How Our Attorneys Can Help With Your Trial Or Appeal

The issues our lawyers can assist with during your trial or appeal include:

  • Researching the complex issues of law present in your case.
  • Preparing detailed briefs and other documents necessary to establish your claim.
  • Questioning witnesses at depositions.
  • Examining the evidence and determining the appropriate trial strategy for your situation.
  • Appearing in court at any hearings, trials, oral arguments or other proceedings connected to your case, including mediation or arbitration.

Few cases end up going to trial, and even less come up on appeal. Developing effective skills takes time, and we have focused a large portion of our practice on appearing in courtrooms across South Florida, helping clients litigate their specific concerns.

Preparation Is An Important Part Of The Process

Extensive preparation is a critical factor in achieving a successful outcome at trial. We present your side of the story in a clear and concise manner. We are your advocate. We highlight the important issues supporting your position and emphasize the strengths of your case.

Whether you are being sued or feel you must bring a lawsuit to protect your interests, our attorneys will identify the best options available in your case. We work with you to determine what you feel is the best approach to take to resolve your current legal problem and possibly to protect you from additional in the future.

Reach Out To Us For More Information About Your Case

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team, please call our Naples office today at +1-239-330-6735 or send us an email to discuss our and appellate practice. Hablamos español.