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Photo Of Professionals at Dickman Law Firm

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Attorneys Assisting City, County And Local Governments With Legal Questions


Local government entities at both the county and municipality levels often encounter difficult legal issues during their day-to-day affairs. These questions typically require in-depth legal analysis in order to understand the specific rules and requirements applying to the situation.

The attorneys at the Dickman Law Firm, in Naples, work hand-in-hand with mayors, administrators, officials and attorneys employed by the county or municipality to resolve complex legal challenges. With more than four decades of prior experience in this area of law, we have the knowledge needed to develop a strategic approach designed to help counties, municipalities, their employees or elected officials resolve their concerns.

Practical Experience In Matters Regarding City, County And Local Government Law

We are currently assisting several select local governments with a number of different issues, including:

  • Providing practical advice to government agencies to develop a precise strategy to help solve difficult legal problems early on in the process.
  • Addressing issues regarding land use or zoning concerns, as well as environmental issues connected to new developments.
  • Offering opinions regarding the application of state laws to proposed or existing ordinances.
  • Unraveling complex federal and state regulations
  • Participating in public hearings or litigation resulting from the case.
  • Assisting with public records requests and abiding by Florida’s government in the sunshine laws.
  • Crafting and reviewing intergovernmental agreements and various contracts for professional services.

Our lawyers will help you identify possible solutions to your particular legal problems. We offer detailed guidance to allow you to understand not only the extent of the issue you are facing, but also the steps necessary to achieve your goals. Whether you need assistance enforcing regulations, adapting to potential rule changes or taking action to protect your community from potential economic harm, we will work together with you at each step.

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