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Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours


Let Our Family Help Yours

Optimizing your finances after divorce

Divorce can dilute your finances and leave you scrambling for ways to pay your bills. However, contrary to what people may say, your divorce does not have to be the reason you endure a lifetime of financial hardship. Knowing how to optimize your money and protect what...

Reviewing the consequences of back child support

If you owe child support, it is essential to stay current in order to avoid serious consequences. If you become delinquent, your life could change in many different ways. In addition to struggling with high levels of stress, you could face a number of penalties...

How is marital property divided in Florida?

Florida follows the law of equitable division of property in the event of a divorce. However, an even split of assets is not necessarily always fair. Depending on the circumstances, a judge may divide property differently. Most assets fall into the categories of...