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Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours


Let Our Family Help Yours

Archery range owner asks for exemption to zoning rule

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Land Use and Zoning | 0 comments

Central Florida Archery was forced to close its doors after neighbors complained that it was being operated improperly. It was not allowed to operate on Sully Drive because it was not zoned for business purposes. However, outdoor clubs are allowed to operate on property zoned A-1 if they have a special permit to do so. The owner of Central Florida Archery said that he was not aware of the rule.

He said that he would be speaking to authorities to secure the exemption and resume operations. Members of the community were upset that the owner was forced to shut down temporarily, and more than 1,000 people signed an online petition to keep it open. One woman remarked that the range provided an opportunity to bond with her family while another person said his son was training there to participate in the Olympics.

If a property owner is using his or her land or building improperly, it may be possible for the government to put a stop to it. In some cases, this could result in lost revenue for a business owner or an inability to make the most of land or real property he or she owners. Ideally, those who are looking to make a real estate purchase will perform due diligence prior to the deal closing.

Buyers may be able to enlist the services of an attorney to help look into possible zoning issues related to a property. If any are found, it may be possible to walk away from the deal or look into ways to have the property rezoned. Another option may be to request an exemption to current zoning statutes if one is available. Legal counsel may help a buyer or property owner undertake those steps if necessary.

Source: Click, ‘Orange County archery range forced to close after zoning violation,” Clay LePard, September 18, 2018