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3 Visitation Rights for Florida Grandparents

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Family Law | 0 comments

When Florida couples divorce, it affects the entire family, including grandparents. The terms and conditions of a divorce may result in children moving some distance away or some visitation schedules changing as their parents follow the terms of a divorce and custody decree.

Pursuant to the Florida Legislature, both grandparents and step-grandparents may pursue visitation rights unless the courts believe such actions may harm the children in question. As Florida grandparents seek visitation rights, they may want to understand how the state’s laws may help or hinder their efforts.

1. Visitation may take place at a grandparent’s home

Once the courts allow for visitation, grandparents may spend time with their grandkids at their residences. The caseworker assigned will likely arrange the date and time of such visitations; however, the grandparents maintain responsibility for any transportation costs.

2. Parental rights do not affect grandparents’ rights

If the Florida courts terminate a parent’s visitation rights, this action does not apply to any existing visitation directives for the grandparents. The courts may make a ruling regarding the effect of such visitation on the child, such as whether continued visits may negatively affect their mental or emotional health.

3. The right to give gifts

Grandparents with visitation rights may offer their grandchildren gifts, including cash or other items, at any time without a custodial parent intervening. This includes for any holidays or a child’s birthday.

The courts may consider a variety of factors when granting grandparents visitation rights, including any past offenses related to neglect or abuse. As these situations can be complex and emotional, working with an experienced family law attorney can help grandparents most effectively navigate the legal process.

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