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What Should You Know About Alimony After Divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Family Law | 0 comments

After a divorce, many people will need a little bit of help getting back on their feet financially speaking. In some situations, a court may award one person alimony, or spousal support.

Courts usually make this decision in the event that a divorce causes one person economic hardship. They will look at a number of factors before making their final decision.

Factors Considered When Determining Alimony

Florida State Legislature discusses the process of determining and calculating alimony. They will look at a number of factors, specifically a person’s job and education level, as well as the length of the marriage.

Job and education level both tell a court about a person’s potential capabilities of supporting themselves in the aftermath of a divorce. For example, some people may have stepped away from their careers to raise their children. In these cases, such individuals may wish to receive additional training or schooling to increase their job prospects, and alimony can help them to accomplish this.

Looking at Marriage Length

The length of the marriage also has a significant impact on alimony amounts. Any marriage lasting under seven years counts as a short-term marriage. Moderate-term marriages last between seven and seventeen years, while long-term marriages last longer than seventeen years.

For moderate or long-term marriages, it is more likely that the court will award a higher amount of alimony pay. Couples who live together for a long enough time become accustomed to living on a two-person income, so the alimony can help an individual maintain this standard.

Of course, individual factors in each case truly determine the details of alimony. Some people do not receive alimony pay at all, either, which is something to keep in mind. A family law attorney can help you understand what to expect and how to pursue your goals.

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