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The most common reasons for construction disputes

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Construction Law | 0 comments

Construction disputes happen. Unfortunately, the argument usually arises from an avoidable mistake.

If you work in construction, you want your contracts to be airtight. See below for the most common reasons for construction disputes, so you can better understand how to avoid them in the first place.

Poorly worded contracts

Besides the work itself, contracts are arguably the most important part of any construction project. A poorly worded or vague agreement is the most common cause of disputes between the customer and contractor. Take the time to create a clear and heavily vetted contract that both sides agree on.

Failure to follow the contract

You might have a solid contract, but it is useless if you fail to comply with its obligations. Even if you think it is a small manner, do not give your customer an excuse to seek damages. If you want to change the contract, do so before starting any physical work.

Poor working conditions

Again, everything might look good on paper. However, site conditions might not match what you planned for initially. You must understand the working conditions of your project before you commit. For example, a dishonest customer might know that subsurface terrain does not match the picture they present to you. Never go into a contractual agreement blind. Survey the land before you start drafting the contract.

The nature of construction leads to many unforeseen difficulties. That is why starting with a strong contract and understanding between you and the customer is essential. You can deal with future mistakes and changes much easier with a good working agreement.

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