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How does an area get a historical designation?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Land Use and Zoning | 0 comments

When buying real estate, you have to pay close attention to the location. You want to be sure the area supports your intended use. For example, if you want to start a business in the property, the zoning must allow that.

You also need to pay attention to historical designations. You may even want to get a historical designation for your property. The Collier County website explains to do this you will need to work with the Historical and Archaeological Preservation Board.

About the HAPB

The HAPB is the organization appointed to handle issues surrounding historical designations. To stay on task, the board meets every month on the third Friday. During the meetings, the board will consider and discuss items brought before it. The public can attend the meetings, and the minutes of meetings are publicly available.

Securing a designation

If you would like to secure a historical designation, you must submit an application for consideration. The property must go through an assessment. The board will conduct an investigation to determine the historical significance, if any, of the property.

The board members all have backgrounds in related areas, such as urban planning, history, architecture and land development. They have the skills and knowledge to properly assess your property for its historical background.

The board can approve or deny your request. Current historic sites include the Ochopee Post Office, Weaver’s Station and Hart Cottage, which all have significant historical connections to the local area.

Securing a historical designation can provide some protection for your property. It also may place some limitations, so seek a designation with care.