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Changing a commercial property to develop a mixed-use project

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Land Use and Zoning | 0 comments

Interested parties may need to consider possible land use or zoning issues when negotiating a potential sale or purchase. If a property’s current classification does not fulfill a developer’s purpose, he or she may need to apply for a variance or a change in its permitted use.

As noted on The Florida Legislature website, each county sets its own regulations for property development. Changes, however, may require meeting the standards of the state government. Depending on the timeline of a variance application’s approval, a property’s final sale price may reflect the resources required for making the required changes.

Obtaining a vote with local officials on a variance

To apply for a zoning variance, a developer must submit a proposal of a property’s changes to the city or district’s planning department. Officials may review how the proposed project may affect a city’s residents, traffic patterns and tax revenue.

A public meeting may take place to allow residents to voice their concerns regarding a planned development. Depending on how the proposed land use changes could influence the area, its planning board members may schedule a vote to approve or deny the variance. After local officials approve the proposed land use changes, a developer may create a construction timeline and begin applying for permits.

Beginning construction after an application approval

As reported by the Naples Daily News, local officials in Collier County greenlighted zoning plans for developing a mixed-use property on five acres of land that contained a cell tower. After two years of negotiations, the purchasers may now move forward and construct a luxurious property offering residential, shopping and restaurant space.

Mixed-use developments have become popular in The Sunshine State. Obtaining zoning approval, however, could take several years without adequate preparation and legal representation.