When Florida residents create an estate plan, many spend a lot of time choosing a personal representative. After all, they will play a pivotal role in ensuring you get the outcome you want after your passing. Because of that, your personal representative must be a good fit for you. Today we will examine some warning signs of a bad personal representative.

Sometimes, a personal representative is not a good fit for their role. This has nothing to do with how they are as a person. For example, someone who is always busy is not likely to make a good personal representative. This can include people running their own businesses or starting a family. Handling estates can take at least a year, meaning they will need plenty of time to work on it. The same can also be true if you wish to choose a person who isn’t good with long-term projects. 

Overt displays of disinterest can also be a warning sign. In some cases, an individual simply does not wish to discuss death at length. In others, disinterest is a sign that they do not want the role or responsibilities that come with it. 

Their relation with the rest of your family is also important. They will be handling your estate matters so that they will be interacting with the rest of your loved ones. This may cause friction if they do not get along. Finally, you have to be able to trust them. Do not choose someone with a pattern of dishonesty or someone who will not honor your wishes. 

Choosing a personal representative for your estate is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is important to recognize any possible red flags as they emerge. If you want to learn more about these red flags or other aspects of estate planning, visit the link here.