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Proposed zoning changes in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Land Use and Zoning | 0 comments

All over the state of Florida, there is controversy about the impact of zoning changes to existing neighborhoods. Many of these changes are occurring in Cape Coral City, and residences are expected to raise many concerns to the city council. Changes made to local zoning laws need to be approved through council hearings and then through the state land planning agency. According to the city manager, the proposed zoning changes are meant to make new building faster, fairer and more predictable.

According to a city planner involved with the issue, there are four main issues at debate: zoning codes, zoning maps to match new zoning districts, amendments to the comprehensive city plan and future land use maps. All of these changes need to be consistent with the existing city code. Many of the changes are designed to revitalize areas of the city that haven’t seen economic activity in nearly two decades.

There are interest groups both for and against the zoning changes that plan to make their voices heard during city council meetings. Many different sectors are likely to be affected, including agriculture, commercial, industrial and residential. Proponents of the changes believe that the only way for the city to grow is to make changes, but some residents want things to stay quiet.

Building owners and developers who need zoning assistance may benefit from the support and guidance of a law firm. Getting zoning laws changed can be a long and complicated process with lots of red tape, but it’s the job of a lawyer to find legal solutions. They may advocate on behalf of their client during government meetings and file petitions when necessary. If zoning can’t be changed, a lawyer may recommend other types of legal strategies.

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