Communities and municipalities throughout Florida have established numerous rules about land use. These zoning laws are intended to protect communities from unwanted activities or developments, but their terms might complicate your plans for a property. You might be uncertain how land regulations could limit your ability to buy, sell or develop a piece of land. Many different situations could require that you engage with local officials or neighboring property owners. Legal insights and guidance could help you understand your position and how to proceed with a complaint or request.

If you want to develop a property, you might require clarity about the existing rules. Learning what you can and cannot do is essential before you make investments. Your due diligence efforts might benefit from legal research and advice. At times, you might feel that you have a good case for requesting a variance. When approaching authorities, you will need to prepare a request that outlines your goals and explains why it should qualify for an exception.

On the other hand, you might oppose a proposed project in your community. Such developments could emerge from either private parties or your local government. Information about how to approach the local planning commission and communicate your concerns could empower you when communicating with regulators.

Zoning laws often contain technical language and attempt to address every conceivable land use or activity. Attorneys typically assist individuals or organizations trying to comply with land use laws or reform them for a special purpose. The attorneys at our firm are familiar with the challenges faced by people who need information about land use in their communities. We have prepared information pertinent to building owners and developers who need zoning assistance at our website.