Tuckers Grade, a popular road that runs through northern Lee County, is the site of a new development plan called Tuckers Point. A Naples-based developer, along with a few investment partners, are attempting to get the required zoning permits and other licenses needed for construction. Developers will meet with commissioners in September to see if their proposals pass muster. If any don’t, they will have 30 days to challenge the decision.

The developers of Tuckers Point intend to build 1,689 dwellings, 400 hotel rooms and 480,000 square feet of retail and commercial space. When asked to elaborate further about the future of the property, a representative from the development company said that planning and construction are both long processes where things can change at nearly any time.

Nearby residents have mixed opinions about the plans for developing Tuckers Point. Some welcome the economic activity the project might bring while others wish to preserve the rural type of lifestyle they originally moved to the area to enjoy. One of the biggest worries is the increase in traffic. Developers find the location especially attractive because of its spot near U.S. 41 and I-75.

Building owners and developers who need zoning assistance when planning a new project can benefit from retaining legal support. Getting permission to construct in certain jurisdictions can be complicated, and it’s the responsibility of an attorney to help get past the red tape while the investors focus on other matters. Legal professionals may also be able to assist third parties who are worried about the impacts of a new development on certain properties.