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What is zoning in progress?

Zoning laws are not always set in stone. Local agencies can enact change. As a business or property owner, you also have the right to request a variance or exception to the laws. According to the Naples Daily News, the city council wants to put zoning variance...

What are some different types of zoning?

Learning more about zoning laws and what types there are can be important for anyone who is planning to build or purchase real estate. From residential to commercial, each category has its own rules and regulations that you must follow. Residential zoning There are a...

Zoning vs. land use regulations

Florida business owners and land developers who have plans for a specific piece of property must ensure that the purpose conforms to land use and zoning regulations. If you have already purchased the parcel, restrictions may hinder its development. Zoning and land use...

How do you prove land use consistency?

In the state of Florida, applying for a zoning permit requires that you are able to prove consistent land use. Land use consistency is a criterion that the government uses to ensure that you are using a property for the reasons you stated when obtaining any permits....

Does Naples offer permit exemptions?

Zoning laws and building codes make it very difficult for property owners to update, add to or even maintain their own properties. However, residents must abide by these laws, otherwise, they risk hefty fines and possibly having to redo all of the work they put into...

Florida developer wins zoning case

A Framingham developer won approval for a proposed subdivision with a new street along the streets of Winch and Grove Streets. The subdivision would include four single-family homes, and the land surrounding it would remain untouched. While the plans were approved,...