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Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours

Let Our Family Help Yours


Let Our Family Help Yours

What is a health care surrogate?

There may come a time when you are unable to make and communicate competent health care decisions for yourself due to an injury or illness. You can prepare for this eventuality by designating someone to make decisions on your behalf regarding your care. This person is...

Estate planning and mental health concerns

When it comes to estate planning, the process is often complex for a host of reasons, from naming a personal representative to determining how to divide one's property and assets among beneficiaries. However, some people are in especially difficult positions, such as...

Can I create a trust for my pets?

Pets are family members to many residents of Florida and elsewhere. You may plan to leave an inheritance in your will to your children and grandchildren, and it can be easy to assume that you would be able to do the same for your dog, cat, bird, lizard or horse....

Important aspects of a good prenup

Today, many couples in California are finding that a prenuptial agreement can help them both during their marriage and during any divorce that may take place. This is in contrast to a generation ago when prenups were considered only necessary for the rich and famous....

Starting a trust fund for your children

You may think of trust funds as being something only for high wealth individuals. But trust funds, whether large or small, are a great way to make sure that your children receive a benefit from your assets, regardless of what happens to you. Here are four of the types...